About Us

 About Us:

Mother-daughter duo Karen and Kina created Kiki Mama, a skin-care line that encompasses soothing scents and all-natural ingredients every Mama can feel confident in.

Kiki Mama fills a need familiar to Mama's and Glammas: Karen watched her pregnant daughter struggle to find a stretch-mark solution. After discussing the lack of quality, affordable options, Karen, an RN and skin-care specialist, and Kina, a model, social media influencer and Mama herself, decided to take matters into their own hands.

Together, they concocted an all-natural ingredient list luxe enough for your royal bump. They believe that women are powerful and bringing life into this world should be celebrated and rewarded. From the crisp air in Montana, to the hectic streets of New York, and on to the sparkling lights of Las Vegas, all Mamas are queens, so long as you believe. Together, with you, we believe!

Our Mission:

At Kiki Mama, we believe that every Mom is the Queen of her very own world. Whether you're in the delivery room, changing a diaper, grinding at work, or taking care of your own little (or big) castle, you need to know you're appreciated. Mamas are the glue of the family, and we commend you for sacrificing your body for 10 months and giving countless hours to nurturing your family. At Kiki Mama, we believe that self-care is self-love. To help Mamas feel that love, we created Bump Polish. With over 10 all-natural, paraben-free, hypoallergenic ingredients accompanied by 4 fabulous scents, Bump Polish will nourish, hydrate, and polish your perfect bump from start to finish. Along the way, Bump Polish helps in the prevention and after-care of stretch marks. In a world where women do it all, we want to take the guesswork out of pregnancy skin care and provide a line you can feel confident in. Kiki Mama is for Mamas, by Mamas.